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Fabrication and Equipment Packaging


Crowder specializes in the fabrication and finishing of structural steel equipment baseplates. No bedplate or skid is too small and full structural baseplates up to 60 feet lengths are possible!

We also support Foundry equipment repair and part replacement with confident industry veterans.

Equipment Packaging

Originating with our skilled field service tech’s ability to replace complete equipment systems under emergency breakdown conditions, Crowder began offering exact and improved system direct replacements for those jobs which suffered unrepairable, time sensitive or cost prohibitive wrecks.

The “system” knowledge and experience quickly led us to provide custom and complex mechanical/electrical system packaging. Some projects are self-contained drive/driven skid packages (see slides below) and others are multi-equipment system component containerized mobile packages (see slides below).

Fabrication and Equipment Packaging

Certified welders

Galvanized and paint finishes

Field (site) work capabilities

Structural element skid, bed and baseplate specialists –
pad machining/orientation drilling included

“System” equipment packaging experts